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Pre-School Consultation

Key points from the consultation:

The official consultation period ran from - Monday 24th May 2021 to Friday 25th June 2021

Consultation Meeting – Monday 14th June at 7:00pm via Zoom

The consultation documents and an invite to a consultation meeting were sent to:-

  • All Worcester City schools,
  • All local pre-schools and nurseries,
  • The local councillor,
  • Worcestershire Local Authority,
  • The Governing Body of Cherry Orchard Primary School,
  • Existing Cherry Orchard staff and parents.


Key points from the consultation:

  • Twenty-one people responded in writing to the consultation.
  • Four people attended the consultation meeting on 14th June.
  • Two local pre-schools were represented at the consultation meeting.
  • The Local Authority raised NO objections to the plan.
  • The consultation received one email from a current Cherry Orchard parent concerned about the potential increase in traffic to the school site and the reduction in services available to the existing pupils in the main school e.g. Forest School site.
  • One local preschool wrote a letter to raise their concerns about the effects on their own admission numbers.
  • Five families requested information about how to book a place at the setting from January 2022.
  • One person requested information about how they could apply to work in the new pre-school.
  • Eleven members of Staff/Governors offered supportive emails.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we considering opening a pre-school setting?

A pre-school at Cherry Orchard would fit in with our family ethos. We want to support families with high quality provision, throughout the year.

Do staff and Governors support the proposal?

Yes, the staff and Governors are very positive about this proposal as they believe it will benefit the currently and future families, the local community and help to keep the school at the heart of the local community.

Will it disrupt the education of pupils currently at the school

No, by having a pre-school on site we firmly believe it will further enhance the provision at school. 

Why are we consulting now?

We are keen to understand the views of our local community on this proposal and as recommended by the Department of Education DFE we have incorporated a period of consultation in the decision-making process.

Will there be extra traffic and how will you reduce the impact?

It is possible that there may be a slight increase in traffic. However, the vast majority of pupils will be local and we believe that many families will already have siblings in the school and will therefore be traveling together.

What are the next stages in the process?

Consideration will be given to the consultation responses and then an application to the DFE will be made for a change in the age range of the school.

How do I reserve a place for my child?

Please keep an eye on the school website, once we have had permission to set up the pre-school application forms and permission letters will be published here.

How do I apply for a job at the pre-school?

Again, please keep an eye on the school website, job vacancies will be advertised in this way.



The consultation period ended on Friday 25th June 2021.

Consultation Meeting on 14.06.21 at 7pm