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Useful Information

Useful Information


In the Pre-school we will have lots of lovely toys and resources to play and work with. We would ask you not to allow your child to bring toys from home. Occasionally we may ask the children to bring things from home for a special day or as part of a new theme, but we will always let you know beforehand.

Snack time:

The children will be offered a variety of fruits and vegetables to eat. There will be milk or water to drink. The children need to bring their own water bottle.


In Pre-School we recommend that children wear a red school sweatshirt or cardigan, with black or dark coloured jogging bottoms/leggings. If you wish to purchase a ‘Little Cherries’ jumper, please follow this link

In the summer term, children can wear a red gingham summer dress or dark coloured shorts. 


We are required to keep a register of the children’s attendance, if your child is absent, please telephone the school office before 9am to let us know why.  Attendance at Pre-school is important preparation for school life, and we would urge you to keep absences to a minimum. If your child does not attend regularly, we may offer their place to another child.


Please ensure you give us precise details if there is anything we should know about your child’s health e.g. sight problems, hearing problems, asthma, hay fever, allergies or more serious problems.

You should follow medical guidance if your child has any contagious medical condition.  If your child has sickness and/or diarrhoea they should not return to school until 48 hours after the last attack.


In the Pre-School, we will positively encourage all our children to behave appropriately, our Pre-School values will be shared with the children.  

We hope that all our children will learn to work and play happily together and to form many friendships. We will encourage your children to be kind to each other and to be friends with everyone.

If children are unkind to each other, we encourage them to tell a member of staff and not to retaliate so that problems can be dealt with and resolved immediately.