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At Cherry Orchard, we believe that all children are entitled to an education rich in wonder and full of memorable experiences; one that allows their creativity and curiosity to flourish, alongside the purposeful acquisition of knowledge and skills. We believe that with a deep-rooted, well-rounded curriculum, our children will flourish and grow to become ambitious, capable citizens with a life-long love of learning and strong self-belief, giving them the best chance to succeed in our ever-changing world.


We want children to learn and remember. We recognise that progress means knowing more and remembering more so our curriculum is designed to be connected and is delivered as cross-curricular themes using a one-book approach.


At Cherry Orchard we believe that our curriculum should be seen in its widest sense – as an entire planned learning experience across the school, which includes both the formal learning opportunities and the range of events and enrichment activities that take place outside of the classroom.


Our curriculum is designed to allow each one of our learners to:

  • achieve their best possible academic standards, whatever their ability
  • develop the skills and personal qualities for life-long learning, preparing them to make an active contribution to society
  • see the relevance that their learning has in the real world
  • become happy, mentally-resilient citizens, ready for the challenges of the 21st century

At the heart of our curriculum are our pupils.


Permeating our curriculum are our school values – aspiration, reflection, curiosity, creativity, resilience and independence - and MAT values – sharing, trust, achievement, respect and safety.


Underpinning our curriculum design are our key drivers. These shape our curriculum and are woven through all learning, creating the ‘Cherry Orchard experience’. Our drivers are:


  • Passion : our children will have a thirst for learning, both in school and beyond the gates. They will be curious and courageous learners, and will gain the knowledge, skills, understanding and vocabulary to empower them to contribute positively to society.

  • Ambition and Aspiration : our children will have ambition and high aspirations for their futures. Through exposure to the world, their horizons will be broadened. Children will know that their aspirations will be reached through hard work and determination.

  • Communication : our children will develop the skills necessary to communicate their thoughts, ideas and feelings successfully in a wide range of different forms: they need to be able to speak and listen with respect; they need the ability to read well and widely, as this broadens horizons, develops imagination and provides a rich vocabulary through which to construct knowledge and understand the world; they need to be able to write clearly, and concisely, in many different forms. Our curriculum exploits every opportunity to develop these abilities.

  • Community : our children will understand their local community and feel proud of where they live. Through our curriculum, we will develop positive relationships and the ability for children to respect themselves and each other, building emotional understanding across our school and the wider community and with the local environment. We will engage in a partnership with our families, aiming higher together and striving for a better future for all at Cherry Orchard.