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Support for Families

What is early help? 

There are early help services for parents, children or whole families at Cherry Orchard Primary School.  All early help is voluntary – families do not have to participate if they don’t want to. However, there are sometimes periods in or lives when a little help can make a huge difference. 

Early help could provide support at any stage in a child or young person’s life. Some are more likely to need this support than others. Early help can support children and their families who may be struggling with:

  • Routines and family rules
  • Keeping to a healthy lifestyle
  • Children who are caring for a family member
  • Children who may not want to go to school for different reasons
  • Disability within the family including children being a young carer
  • Children in the family have special educational needs (SEND)
  •  Families who may be not be eating healthy food
  • Children who may becoming involved in anti-social or criminal behaviour
  • Children who go missing from home
  • Children or parents / carers misusing drugs or alcohol
  • Children at risk of being tricked, forced, or made to work in the criminal world
  • Children who may need support because they may live in a home and see drug or alcohol abuse or adult mental health problems
  • Children who have parents who argue a lot (and sometimes might hurt each other) about whether the parents live together or apart
  • Children at risk of being groomed to join groups which support illegal views
  • A privately fostered child (a child from another family living within your family home)

Children and families can access early help services via this website or come and talk to any member of the staff team in school.  All conversations will be treated with the utmost confidence and respect. 

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