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To develop curiosity through questioning, investigating and drawing conclusions whilst understanding the pivotal role science has in shaping an ever-changing world.    


At Cherry Orchard Primary School our intent is to give every child a broad and balanced Science curriculum which enables them to confidently explore and discover what is around them, so that they have a deeper understanding of the world we live in. We want our children to foster a love of all areas of science. We want children to think like scientists. 

To drive our Science curriculum forward we have created a sequence of learning that enables the children to investigate the everyday concepts and adaptations to our ever-changing world. Our curriculum encompasses the scientific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics and aims to expand the children’s knowledge and deepen understanding. 

We want our children to remember their science lessons in our school, to cherish these memories and embrace any scientific opportunities they are presented with. To achieve this, it comprises of stimulating, practical hands-on experiences that encourage curiosity and questioning. Our aim is that these inspiring and challenging experiences help every child secure and extend their scientific knowledge and vocabulary, as well as promoting a love and thirst for lifelong learning.   


At Cherry Orchard Primary School we have weekly science lessons.  Through these lessons teachers promote enjoyment and foster interest of the scientific disciplines. Children are encouraged to work scientifically to explore, question, predict, plan, carry out investigations, make observations and conclude their findings. Children present their findings and learning using science specific language, observations and diagrams.   

To support children in their ability to ‘know more and remember more’, there are retrieval opportunities in every lesson to review the learning taken place in prior units as well as previous lessons.  Children will take advantage of using our extensive outdoor environment including our large forest school and pond area, to study science outside of the classroom, as part of our science curriculum, thus gaining experiences of working in a natural environment and providing transferrable skills within their learning. Effective and quality modelling by teachers ensures that children are able to achieve their learning intention, with misconceptions addressed within it. Through using a range of assessment tools, differentiation is facilitated by teachers, to ensure that every pupil can access the Science curriculum. Children are given clear success criteria in order to achieve the learning intention with differing elements of independence. Children will broaden their scientific language, through subject specific vocabulary  


The science curriculum at Cherry Orchard Primary School provides children with the foundations for developing a curiosity and awareness of the world around them. We inspire our children to take responsibility and think creatively with a forward-thinking mind. The UN Sustainable Goals, that drive our curriculum, ensure that we build citizens for the future, citizens which think about their world and can make informed decisions that will impact others. They will leave Cherry Orchard Primary School with a broadened scientific vocabulary, an inquisitive nature and a broad understanding of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and, moreover, a desire to extend their learning further.