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Extra Curricular Opportunities

Our Extra Curricular Experiences at Cherry Orchard

At Cherry Orchard Primary School, children are offered a wide range of experiences to enhance their time with us. These include clubs, trips and experiences. We have tried to ensure that these experiences build up children’s knowledge of the outside world, at local, national and global levels, so that they can grow to become global citizens in our every-changing world.

  • Clubs – meeting at lunchtimes and after school, we offer a range of clubs that run for a term at a time. Most are supervised by school staff.
  • Trips – each year group has a variety of trips planned. These include a local trip (such as a walk along the River Severn) and trips where a coach journey is needed that are usually linked to our curriculum learning.
  • Experiences – including visitors (who help deepen our knowledge of the curriculum), life-lesson events (such as bikeability and bell-boating), events where we support in the community (such as litter picking in the local park or visiting a local residential home) and activities that allow us to work in partnership across the school (those which are voted for such as our Pupil Parliament members or those which we volunteer for such as our Well-Being Champions).